Photo by Robert Siegelman

Photo by Robert Siegelman

Jake was born in New Hampshire to Steven, a land surveyor, and Susan, a homemaker who homeschooled Jake until he was 12 years old. He grew up building tree forts and birdhouses with his brothers and cousins, and helping his dad and grandfather with construction, painting, and landscaping projects. He also took drawing, painting, music, and dance lessons and learned how to clean a brush, and add ceremony to his work from his uncle Chris, a professional artist.


Jake entered the public school system in 8th grade, where he got his first taste of production in a school performance of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". Jake went on to join his local community theater, where he took part in the production side as well as playing various roles onstage. He balanced this with music and sports, on top of maintaining excellent grades and graduating in the top 10% of his class.

Jake's love for storytelling led him to pursue a degree in Theatre at the University of New Hampshire, where he learned all aspects of theatrical production, set, lighting, and costume design, and was involved in several touring and social justice theatre troupes. After graduating he moved to New York City where he worked as a model in between gigs on student films, indie features, music videos, and commercials. He also participated in human rights marches and events, and styled photo shoots for fashion magazines and designers.

In 2015, Jake moved to Los Angeles, and is working as a Production Designer on commercial, film, and television shoots. When he's not on set, Jake enjoys music production, organic gardening, hiking, snowboarding, and traveling.

Jake is of French Canadian, Scottish, Irish, English, Greek, and Native American ancestry, proudly pansexual, and strives to work with minority and under-represented people as much as possible.